Automatic aisle gate is a part of indoor warehouse safety fencing. It is used for limiting access to the aisle. Automatic gates are perfect for warehouses with high inventory turnover and industrial truck traffic.

Automatic aisle gates enable you to protect valuable, dangerous or strictly controlled goods (e.g. medicines) against unauthorized personnel. Thanks to the fencing you can also plan separate, well organized customs bonded area.

Intralogistics processes are significantly optimized by remote control system (30 m range). Forklift operators do not have to leave the cabin to open the gate. Sliding mechanism, unlike side-hung gates, is compact enough to fit in the limited space available. Thanks to the universal structure, our gates can be effectively used in racking systems from any manufacturer.

Technical specification of the automatic sliding aisle gate

Number of gate wings Two
Height of the gate 2000 mm
Width of gate wings Depending on the aisle width and racks depth*
Drive system Electric, 230 V, single-phase
Control Radio control (1 remote control for 6 gates), 30 m range
Opening/closure time of the gate 5 sec
Safety features
  • Warning light,
  • Emergency opening with key activating gate drive system,
  • Safety photocell creating invisible barrier which, when crossed by a person or vehicle will stop the gate drive.
Gate wings filling Welded steel mesh (50×50 mm)
Surface finish Powder coating

Automatic sliding aisle gate prototype demonstration