Cantilever racking is specifically designed to store long or varying length items, that cannot be stocked on the typical pallet racks due to their size.

Cantilever racking is characterized by the lack of front supporting columns. It means that the storage space is limited only on the back of the rack. Bracket spacing and bracket length are adjustable to the size of stored loads. Thanks to these solutions products of different lengths, weights or packaging can be operated within a single section of a rack.

MGL cantilever rack dimensions

Frame height 2 000 – 12 000 mm
Bracket length (frame depth) 500 – 2 200 mm
Bracket spacing adjustments brackets are adjustable in increments of 50/100 mm
Columns spacing 700 – 2 000 mm
Surface treatment powder coating finish or hot-dip galvanizing

Application of cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are ideal for metallurgy sector where profiles, flat bars, pipes, steel and aluminium bars or metal sheets can be stored. In the furniture industry cantilever racks are used to store furniture boards, lumber and finished goods.

Stands for profiles and steel pipes

Our experience gained over the years shows that cantilever racking is the most often selected solution in the steel industry. Its parameters and features enable maximum use of the storage space.

Products of different characteristics, in particular weight, size and height can be easily stored on the same storage level. The only alternative solution is placing long profiles and steel pipes on the floor. As far as indoor warehouse is concerned this type of optional storage results in the costs of storing empty space.

Racks for lumber

Cantilever racks are the best solution for the woodworking sector, furniture warehouses and carpentry workshops. They are suited for storing such goods as:

  • Engineered wood,
  • Worktops,
  • Lumber,
  • Long rite trailers,
  • Veneer,
  • Boards,
  • Construction beams, rafters, etc.

Advantages of cantilever racks

  • Wide range of applications – lack of front and edge supporting columns enables to store products of all sizes. Elements of different dimensions and shapes can be stored without the need to adjust the configuration to each item.
  • Variable dimension – modular construction provides excellent mobility and allows to install cantilever rack sequences. Their length is limited only by the availabe warehouse space.
  • Custom storage space design – modular construction of the cantilever racks enables fast and simple installation of additional storage areas. It contributes to optimal use of space.
  • Simple handling – all loads stored on cantilever racks are clearly visible and easily accessible. They can be handled manually (on the lower storage levels), by forklift trucks or stacker cranes.

Advantages of MGL

  • Response time for an offer request: 48 hours
  • Lead time: 5-6 weeks
  • Place of production: Poland
  • Our cantilever racks are designed, produced and assembled according to EU Regulations. See: About Us

Case studies

Cantilever racking | Case study | MGL sp. z o.o.
Cantilever racking | Case study | MGL sp. z o.o.
Cantilever racking | Case study | MGL sp. z o.o.
Cantilever racking | Case study | MGL sp. z o.o.
Cantilever racking | Case study | MGL sp. z o.o.
Cantilever racking | Case study | MGL sp. z o.o.
Cantilever racking | Case study | MGL sp. z o.o.