MGL sp. z o.o. is one of the leading companies in Poland specializing in the warehouse racking solutions. We offer high rack storage systems: adjustable pallet racking, cantilever racking and racking for automated storage and retrieval systems. To provide excellent service we offer wide range of racking accessories such as shelving, stands, tracks, protective components for racks, pick & drop solutions and dividers.

Company mission statement

MGL Sp. z o.o. is committed to providing our Clients with the highest benefit. We are quality focused and therefore our intralogistic solutions are safe, functional and comprehensive.

Scope of our services covers whole investment cycle: designing warehouse racking, cost planning and obtaining funding, production process, transport and assembly. We support our customers throughout the entire life of the installation. The whole production process (that includes components powder coating) takes place in our manufacturing plant in Rawa Mazowiecka, town in Central Poland. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the European route E67 and 50 km from E75 and E30 junction.

MGL belongs to the MAGO Group, shopfitting and warehouse solutions producer since 1989.

Manufacturing facilities

Our production line of high rack storage systems includes: automated forming line, 2D and 3D laser cutters, automated drilling center, modern press brakes and fully automated robot welding machines.

Our manufacturing plant was established in 2007 as a greenfield investment. The entire installation was built from scratch in the Special Economic Zone. The total area of our facility has reached 15.000 m2. Its production capacity allows to process 1000 tons of steel per month.

The location of our company was carefully chosen. First of all our region (Łódź Voivodeship) is considered to be the logistics center of Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. This is the place where the most important Polish and European roads and railway lines cross. Growing number of warehouses and logistics facilities in Rawa Mazowiecka, Stryków and Piotrków Trybunalski proves that this location is perfect for investments.

Moreover, MGL plant is located near headquarters of MAGO S.A. Our company belongs to the MAGO Group established in 1989. Since then MAGO has become worldwide manufacturer of top-class products for retail and warehouse fittings sector. Its headquarters and main production facility are located in Rusiec, near Warsaw.

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Quality and safety

Product compliance

We offer warehouse racking solutions that are designed and produced in compliance with international construction regulations:

FEM 10.2.02 (refers to pallet racking) and FEM 10.2.09 (refers to cantilever racking)
Steel static storage systems – Adjustable pallet racking – Construction design rules
Drive-in pallet racking and shelving, rotary and circular racking systems, racking with mechanically driven lifting equipment – Safety requirements
Steel static storage systems – Adjustable pallet racking – System tolerances, deformations, handling clearance
Steel static storage systems – Racking systems specification
Steel static storage systems – Racking systems use and maintenance


TUV-GS certificate | MGL sp. z o.o.

Our adjustable pallet racking holds GS Safety Certificate issued by the German Institute TUV Rheinland. This certificate proves that our racking has been tested and verified in order to comply with strict German and European safety standards.

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TNO DIANA | MGL sp. z o.o.

In accordance with PN-EN 15512 Regulation, statics of every pallet racking configuration is verified by Manufacturing Execution System (MES). We use FEMPAL software created by Dutch technical enterprise TNO. The algorithm of the software is based on the finite element method (FEM) – one of the three international calculation standards.

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ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 | MGL sp. z o.o.

MGL holds certificate of quality management system ISO 9001:2008. This document shows that we are customer focused and therefore we continuously improve the quality and processes in order to satisfy our Clients’ needs.

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Membership in organizations

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Comprehensive investment service


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1990 MGL roots go back to 1990 – the year the MAGO company which produces shopfitting and warehouse solutions was established (MAGO S.A. since 1996).

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1993 MAGO produced first warehouse racking.

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2007 Growing needs and challenges resulted in MAGO’s new manufacturing plant in Rawa Mazowiecka. The area of 1000 m2 was designed to produce long construction components. Newly created company was registered as MGL Sp. z o.o. and is using the same brand name today. MGL belongs to the MAGO Group and specializes in the production and sales of warehouse racking systems.

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2017 The number of MGL employees exceeded 200. Racking components are produced on the automated forming lines. More customized elements are the result of innovative cooperation and modern CNC manufacturing equipment: 2D and 3D laser cutters, automated drilling center, modern press brakes and fully automated robot welding machines. The excellent quality of powder coat paint is provided by highly efficient automated powder coating line supported by Nordson application equipment.

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2019 Continuous improvements to processes and offer resulted in our infrastructure capacities being insufficient. That is why we decided to expand our facilities to 1500 m2. We also enhanced the machine park by installing modern forming line for steel profiles. The whole investment is a part of the long-term development program implemented by the MAGO Group. The strategy envisages foreign markets expansion (Western Europe and the Middle East) and development of new products. Increasing production capacity also contributes to shortening the lead time.