Adjustable pallet racking | MGL sp. z o.o.

Pallet racking is an essential system for those warehouses in which goods are stored on pallets. The measurements of the shelves are adjusted to the EPAL-EUR pallets (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial pallets (1200 x 1200 mm).

Cantilever racking | MGL sp. z o.o.

Cantilever racking is used to store long items: pipes, profiles, beams and boards, chipboards, fence spans, sheets of metal, etc.

Racking accessories | MGL sp. z o.o.

Racking accessories transform the basic contruction of the racks into more customised form in order to fulfill individual requirements. We offer, among other things: protective elements, shelves, separators, gates and netting.

Racking inspections | MGL sp. z o.o.

The supervision over the installed racking systems during the entire period of operation that includes warranty and post-warranty inspections of the racks.